Gregg Mounts, P.E. 



Gregg Mounts' career began at the Illinois department of Transportation where he had responsibilities in all phases of road and bridge improvements. He ultimately achieved the position of Regional Engineer where he was responsible for the Department’s program development and delivery and all other supporting activities related to the State highway system in the eighteen counties of northwest and northcentral Illinois. The projects accomplished under his leadership ranged from the planning and design of new freeway corridors and the expansion of existing interstate highways, to urban reconstruction for small communities.

With IDOT he cultivated strong project management and interpersonal skills where he demonstrated his unique ability to guide projects of varying complexity and stakeholder interest.

Gregg brought his skills and experience to HEI in 2006. He has been instrumental in the continued growth of the firm, as well as, the project delivery successes enjoyed by the Shorewood office where he also serves as Chief Operating Officer. Gregg is a graduate of Michigan State University.

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